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The Knee Chest Academy is bringing the top Upper Cervical courses to you! Led by Dr. Ray Drury, who has traveled the world transforming lives and wintesses miracles in his office each and every day.

Become a master at a technique that allows your patients to heal from the inside out.

At the Knee Chest Academy, you can change the face of Chiropractic and turn those non-believers into strong believers. These courses have made many Chiropractors successful in their offices by teaching doctors, and students, how to give their patients the results they need with great precision and care. With courses being in high demand and doctors coming from all over the world to attend his live Knee Chest seminars, Dr. Drury and his team has decided to give access to his courses online for you to learn in the comfort of your own home with four hands-on practical seminars every year.


“The Knee Chest Society's Blue Angels program is unlike any other chiropractic seminar out there. The amount of years combined between the main instructors, over 3 decades, as well as the senior doctors that help give one-to-one instruction, is unreal therefore showcasing this is where chiropractors get molded from good to great. You will be learning from masters that have been deep in the trenches for decades allowing you to gain knowledge, precision, and speed. This program will massively help your skill increase allowing you have more confidence, more patients, and more fun in practice. ”

Riley Mehaffey

“The Knee Chest Academy is the greatest program in chiropractic. The online courses allow you the freedom to study all the material on your own at home. It covers history, listings, set-ups, and x-rays. Everything is on pre-recorded videos for you to go back and watch over and over again. This frees up all the seminars to be completely hands-on! The Knee Chest Academy has some of the most elite instructors in Knee Chest Upper Cervical. All coaches have many years of successful clinical experience, amazing practices, and even better home relationships with their families. The Knee Chest Academy is more than just a training program, it’s a family. ”

Terence Hoff

“If I could describe the Knee Chest Academy in one word, it would be: complete. The KCA is the most well-rounded group of chiropractic doctors and students that I have ever experienced. History, philosophy, technique, business, mentorship, and friendship are all vital aspects to what makes the KCA such a phenomenal group. The Knee Chest Academy has been life-changing for me and many other students. Many have become very confident in their adjusting skills, and have even landed associateship opportunities with affiliated doctors. I am so blessed to call this group my home away from home.”

Zach Shaw

“The past couple of years that I’ve spent in the Knee Chest Academy have been incredible. I’ve went from a student confused about what the knee chest adjustment even was to a confident doctor in the making! From the learning material to the very knowledgeable and genuine instructors, KCA cannot be beat! I will be a lifetime member. ”

Mitchell Robinson

“As a member of Blue Angel, I would like to share my experiences with the Blue Angels Program. Through the online course, which can be assessed anytime and anywhere, I could learn HOW, WHY, and WHEN to adjust patients. To be more specific, it was a useful and great program that I could learn not only basics of chiropractic philosophy, patient set-up, and listings but also more about x-ray & thermography analysis, adjustment and patient education. It includes everything to be a great knee chest upper cervical doctor. With a wealth of experience and passion, they teach a lot of details of technique, knowledge, and practical experience. I am so thankful to be guided by great mentors and doctors and to be a part of the Blue Angels.”

Jaewon Lee

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