"One-adjustment miracles are the exception. They could be and should be the rule." B.J. Palmer

  • History & Philosophy

    "No one can anchor to an unanchored man." Learn where Upper Cervical Knee Chiropractic came from and the history of chiropractic. Become grounded in the philosophy of chiropractic as BJ Palmer developed.

  • X-ray & Thermography

    "Know that you know that you know." Learn when to and when not to adjust using thermography. Learn exactly where to adjust, what line of drive and how much torque is needed to perfectly correct each misalignment.

  • The Knee Chest Adjustment

    "Turning on the power!" Learn how to deliver that "adjustment with the extra something". The adjustment which removes all interference allowing a 100% expression of Innate Intelligence to every cell of every being you put your hands on. Experience more miracles in a week than most chiropractors experience in a career.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Welcome to The Knee Chest Academy Upper Cervical Program

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    • Introduction and instructions

  • 02

    Basic Module I - They WHY and the WHERE

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    • Introduction

    • Basic Module I Notebook

    • The History of Chiropractic

    • X-ray Positioning

    • X-ray Positioning Demo

    • Atlas / Axis Listings

    • X-Ray Marking - Measurements

    • X-Ray Marking Demonstration

    • Basic Module I Test

  • 03

    Basic Module II - The Who and the WHEN

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    • Introduction to Thermography and Pattern Analysis

    • Basic Module II Notebook

    • History of Instrumentation

    • The Temperature Differential Scan

    • Tytron Scan Demonstration

    • NCM Scan Demonstration

    • What Is Pattern?

    • Test your learning

  • 04

    Basic Module III - The HOW

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    • Introduction to Adjusting

    • Knee Chest Adjusting

    • Patient Positioning on the Knee Chest Table

    • Doctor Positioning

    • Adjusting Set-Up

    • Hand Contact Point

    • Atlas Set-Up

    • AI Atlas Set-Up

    • AS+ Atlas Set-Up

    • PLI / PRI Set-Ups

    • ARS / ALS Set-Ups

    • ESR / ESL / Lamina Set-Ups

    • Adjusting - Doctor Positioning

    • Doctor Positioning for the Knee Chest Adjustment

    • Adjusting Exercises

    • Speeder Board Practice

    • Test your learning

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